My name is Paul Button and I'm a London-based graphic designer specialising in information design and data illustration.

Made from Data is a personal project based around visually analysing events in history and popular culture that I find particularly fascinating. My aim is to create pieces that are based on a foundation of real statistical information which also stand alone as beautiful objects with considered rational design and typography and high quality production methods. 

I've been told I'm the most curious person in the world and I love trying to find patterns in things. This project allows me to indulge this curiosity and hopefully there are equally obsessive people out there that this inspires. 

In my day job I'm Co-Founder of Set Reset - a creative information design studio based in London. If you need any commercial work, give us a holler. 

You can see some more of my work at my former freelancing site Section and some more up to date stuff on my Behance site.